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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Retirement Party!

Today's Etsy re-listing: Festive Christmas Tree Bracelet

Today we're having a retirement party for a tapestry that's been for sale on Etsy, but whose listing expired without note a few days ago, and who in good conscience I cannot relist.  That's right, everyone, it's time to bid a fond farewell to the...

Coin Dragon Beaded Tapestry!

 It looks pretty good in this photo, I know, but this photo was taken when the tapestry was new and shiny.  It now looks like this:  

 Can't see the differences I'm talking about? Try this comparison:

If you look closely, you can see that the shiny metal-lined beads that seemed like such a great idea when I started making this are, in fact, corroding. I've now added metal-lined beads to me List of Beads to Avoid (they go on right after metallic beads--because that paint chips off like it's no longer in fashion).

Here's a better (if blurry) picture of the destruction:

The greenish blobs are supposed to be copper-colored, which you can still see in the middles.  It's supposed to be a dragon made of silver, gold and copper coins--not one made of strangely-colored oval polka-dots.  I'll admit that it always looked like a series of dots rather than coins, but at least they were the right colors.

Since the artistic integrity of the piece is lost, I've decided to retire it from Etsy (not renew it, anyway).  And since I'm no longer trying to sell it, I can tell you all about how the beads were different sizes (but I didn't realize it until after I started) and how looking at this too closely makes it blink because of the white thread you can see between the black beads.  The colors, aside from being metal-lined, are too pale in contrast with the black, and I should have either not included the coins on the bottom swag or put a coin on all three of them, because it looks silly.

Not to mention the whole thing was boring as sh*t to make.

But, since the Coin Dragon Beaded Tapestry is now officially retiring, it must receive a retirement gift! I've decided to give it this lovely beaded watch (watches are the traditional retirement gift, right?)

(This is at least the third band on this poor watch, which you can see I pretty much wore to death)

Here's a picture of the Coin Dragon enjoying his new gift:

Doesn't he look happy??

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