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I kept reading advice columns for how to bring sales to your etsy shop, and one thing they all said is to get a blog.

I can't say this blog has boosted my etsy sales, but it has given me yet another outlet for talking about myself, and that can't be bad--can it?

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Another One of Those Days

I had my day all listed out (I like lists, haven't you figured that out yet?) but the first thing on my list was 'wash the bathroom counter,' followed by 'sweep down the stairs' after which I was going to 'see Voyage of the Dawn Treader'--except I'd somehow missed that when mom asked me to wash the counter and sweep the stairs today she actually meant "wash the bathroom counter, sweep the stairs, vacuum the rugs, vacuum the bathroom floor, clean tea stains off the spoons, help me rearrange the whole living-room (twice), carry the Christmas boxes back upstairs and wash the dishes."

I know I shouldn't complain because my parents let me live here for free, but it did rather skew the rest of my daily List.  And delay my blogging for...five hours? yeah.

Well, maybe part of that was the Voyage of the Dawn Treader (pretty good movie, btw), but still.

Anyway, today on Etsy I re-posted another Christmas bracelet, this one the Triangles and Diamonds Christmas Bracelet which I'll happily admit is not the most clever name I could come up with.  But it's difficult to name bracelets, especially when they aren't OF something. Like penguins. I know where I stand with penguins. Less so with geometric designs made of triangles and diamonds.

Um. Picture:

It's of a big toad I found once when in the field with kids.  Nicely camouflaged.  Actually, I think one of the kids found it, but whatever.

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