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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Draem Catcher Beaded Tapestry

Back in college I had an assignment for one of my art classes (I actually have a degree in art, have I mentioned that?) an assignment wherein....actually, I can't recall the details of it. It might have been the 'embellish something' assignment, but I don't remember.

The point of this is that I made a sort of dream-catcher cage for it.  I made the hoop set-up that generally used for 3-d dream catchers, but then instead of linking all the sides so there was this visually complex and confusing one-sided-four-sided thing, I wove each side into a dream catcher with black, so I had a bird-cagey thing instead.

I then filled the inside with colorful paper cranes, tied a few black paper cranes to the outside and added some twisted-wire bead-like things.

It was a 'reverse dream catcher'.  It had some visual interest, so when I got home from college I hung it up in my room, and when I moved away (tried to, at least) after college I went to take it down and my little sister said no, I should leave it up, so I did.

A few months later I returned home for a visit and found the 'catcher hanging in a different room.  When I asked about this, my little sister said that she'd moved it after realizing most people didn't have regular nightmares about their high school burning down.

This made me reflect back over the times I'd slept in the room with the 'catcher during and after college.  There had been a rather surprising number of dreams featuring fighting or other military activity during those times.  I'd always thought it was tension from growing up and being beack home, fighting with mom, ect.

...but I haven't had a single one since that dream catcher started hanging out in the other room, and really my outlook and location in life hasn't changed much from those days.

Kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it?

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