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I kept reading advice columns for how to bring sales to your etsy shop, and one thing they all said is to get a blog.

I can't say this blog has boosted my etsy sales, but it has given me yet another outlet for talking about myself, and that can't be bad--can it?

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nine Patch Bracelet

Growing up my mother was a quilter--she's a 'fiber artist' now, and you can visit her blog to argue the difference--but while I was growing up she made quilts, collected quilts, slept under quilts, hung quilts on the walls and taught quilting.  Once or twice people have tried to tell me quilts are all inherently 'country' and the best I can do is look at them in confusion.

But I digress.  The main point of that last paragraph is that my mom taught quilting, and at one point a friend of mine decided to take one of my mom's quilting classes, and I figured that if she could, then so could I.

It was a great time of mother/daughter bonding and I've never had so much fun in my life (Mom, you can stop reading here).

No, really, it was fun. I learned a lot about quilting, color, texture, fibers and the evils of polyesterdoubleknit.  I also made more quilts than any human can sleep under in one night.  Possibly in a week if the heater's not broken.  The other students in the class ranged in age from 'no longer young' to just 'old' (at least as best I could tell as a high schooler), but they were a fun group to learn with.

One of the first patterns we learned was the nine-patch, so when I was trying to think of quilt patterns I could turn into beaded bracelets it was the first pattern to come to mind. 

Beads aren't square, so the bracelet doesn't have exactly the same effect as the quilt pattern, but it gives the bracelet a nice diagonal motion and an interesting balance between the colors, making it a subtle tribute to quilting and a perfect gift for one of your quilter friends (hint hint).

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