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I kept reading advice columns for how to bring sales to your etsy shop, and one thing they all said is to get a blog.

I can't say this blog has boosted my etsy sales, but it has given me yet another outlet for talking about myself, and that can't be bad--can it?

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Make Waves!

Despite spending a year living in Portland, OR, I never made it out to the coast, and the only time I've seen the Pacific Ocean is a family vacation when I was about 13. We went to the ocean on a rainy and gray day, but the slight chill didn't stop my sisters and I from removing our shoes and socks and playing 'can't catch me' with the waves.

I spent several years working out in New England during the springs and falls, so I had a few more chances to see the Atlantic Ocean.  I lost count of the times I'd seen it somewhere around a dozen--I spent a week working on the Rhode Island coast, so the number became rather obsolete.

I think that one of the things that struck me the most about the Atlantic coast is that none of the beaches were alike.  I know the ones I ended up going to were always far apart, but each one had its own character; here was a rocky one full of sea-smoothed rocks; here a flat gray sandy one with a few kelp-covered-rock tide pools; this one was full of giant glacial boulders; this one a flat salt marsh.

It's an endless and intriguing variety.

Now, before you mistakenly think that I was actually inspired by the ocean waves to make this bracelet, let me put your mind at rest and clarify that I was, in fact, trying to be rid of the darker teal beads I used for the ocean. Well, not rid of exactly, but I'd gotten nearly a hank of them at a garage sale and I wanted to use up the overflow so they'd fit into my collection properly.  Now that's truly inspiring.

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  1. Wonderful work! I like the Ocean Wave and all the banners! Keep up the good work