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I kept reading advice columns for how to bring sales to your etsy shop, and one thing they all said is to get a blog.

I can't say this blog has boosted my etsy sales, but it has given me yet another outlet for talking about myself, and that can't be bad--can it?

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

They're Watching You!

Fairy Ninja Pendant
Fairy ninjamothers always keep a careful eye out for their ninjachildren. You might think it's an odd occupation for a ninja, but in this day and age the call for political assassination has gone way down, and the ninjas were forced to branch out into other areas.

For a simple monthly fee you, too, can hire a ninja to watch over your children in the night. Premium packages cost more, but ensure that the ninja keeping an eye on your child is watching fewer other children.  The workload of the fairy ninjas has become a concern in recent years as their popularity as child-watchers has grown.  Some older clients even argue that the fairy ninjas are stretching themselves too thin, and that the care of all their children has been falling in quality over the years.

I spent a significant amount of time searching for the head of Fairy Ninjas, Inc so that I might get an interview.  I never did find him, but one morning I went into my office to find the list of potential questions had been filled in and left on top of my desk, signed with the seal of Fairy Ninjas, Inc pressed into a dollop of black wax.

"While its true that our ninjamothers (and -fathers) are serving more children each year," my mysterious informant wrote, "this does not indicate that our quality of service has begun to erode.  We strive hard to bring the best care possible to the most children, which involves more of us ninjas than many people suspect.  We're one of the few growing businesses in this economy, which allows us to select only the best ninjas for the job.  We're a very dedicated bunch."

And they are dedicated, too.  You can see that every time a child's wish comes true or a bully mysteriously disappears.  There are many children out there whose lives would be so much worse if it were not for the ever-watchful eye of the fairy ninjas, and I, for one, feel much safer knowing that they are watching over us all.

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