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I kept reading advice columns for how to bring sales to your etsy shop, and one thing they all said is to get a blog.

I can't say this blog has boosted my etsy sales, but it has given me yet another outlet for talking about myself, and that can't be bad--can it?

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gee kiss exy

Geek is Sexy Bracelet
It's too bad I missed Valentine's Day with this one--it's awfully cute--but these things happen.  I pretty much skipped V-day on my own, or rather I celebrated it as S.A.D. or Singles Awareness Day.  Because for couples it's Valentine's Day, and for the rest of us it's SAD.  I picked that up sometime in college, and I still think it's hilarious.

Last night I did take myself out to see a movie, I'm not sure if that counts as a celebration or not, but it was fun.  I saw True Grit which was about what I expected it to be.  I liked it, although some parts were a bit slow--slow enough that I started putting tiny braids in my hair. Which is actually a style I like on me, but I can hardly ever be bothered to put the braids in. When I do, I generally just do two on each side at the most, but I made them extra small last night, and got three on the left.  Now I'm cute!

Not that I wasn't before.

...what am I talking about?

ANYWAY, this is quite possible the geekiest bracelet I've made yet--even including the dragons, but I'm going to put up a custom runic bracelet soon, so I wanted a few more made to show the style. I also thought this was pretty clever.

It's also got a new style of clasp. It's called a 'sliding clasp' and I've wanted to use them since forever, but my local bead stores don't sell any good clasps (and I've looked and looked and looked), and my usual online bead supplier claims clasps that look like this are 'magnetic' and charges $3 each (or more, I forget). Which sucks because they have an awesome array of color possibilities (silver, gold, antique brass, gunmetal, copper...). Still, $3 is highway robbery.  But I found another supplier who has the clasps at a much, much more reasonable price, and so far I am very impressed with them.

It's a bit of a trick to close the clasp while you're wearing it, but that's also true of the box clasps, and at least these look nicer.

Speaking of new things, I changed the prices of the bracelets in my shop (yes again). This time the prices reflect the width of the bracelet.  Bracelets eight beads wide are $20, nine are $25, and so forth. It's not an improper reflection of the effort that goes into them, even if I'd prefer that they were all the same price.  But I tried that and it didn't get me very far...

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